Throwback Thursday

Wednesday, March 1, 1995

8:14 AM

Got some better sleep last night. Went straight to bed once I got back from the office and slept nearly 5 hours straight, longest straight through sleep I have had in days. I then lay awake for 3 or so hours and then got 2 more hours. I feel pretty good now. So far this morning things are more of the same. Breakfast, the ride into work etc.

One thing that did notice is all the doorways around here have a little metal bar on the right hand side of the door frame. It is that way in the office and the hotel and all other doors I have seen, they have a little symbol on them that looks like it might be a castle wall or crown or something.

8:12 PM

I asked about the metal bar and found out that they are not bars but, scroll containers. Each one contains a scroll with a passage from the Old Testament about marking your door with blood to be spared, passed over, by death. More observation about driving in Jerusalem. It really turns out that the lane markers are just guidelines to be used only when you are not in a hurry. And every one is always in a hurry around here. Pedestrians take their safety into their own hands when they cross the street. While the drivers will make an effort to avoid them, it is really up to the pedestrian to remove themselves from harm’s way.

Throwback Thursday – A bit of amusement

Tuesday, February 28, 1995

8:00 AM

Once again I did not sleep well, got 5.5 to 6 hours sleep total but broke up in 2 chunks. Breakfast for all its variety and such is going to get old real soon, the cold fish is not inspiring, while veggies and such are not spectacular morning food.

I am still having trouble getting my modem to connect to Israeli CompuServe, so I am actually calling back to the states to use it, fortunately I am doing it on Intel’s phones. If they complain I will ask to borrow a modem.

Yesterday I got someone to explain the hats, not the religious significance, but the reason for the variety. It turns out that the style of hat indicates what part of the world you (or you family) was from prior to coming to Israel.

Another thing I have noticed is that Israelis seem to always be angry at each other shouting and cursing and such. They never seem to be able to communicate for more than 3 sentences without somebody yelling and gesturing and possibly swearing at the other.

2:03 PM

At lunch I tried the Meat section, had sesame seed coated chicken. Was ok, the mashed potatoes were bland and the broccoli was cooked nearly to a slime.

It is not looking like I am going to sneak out of here very early today. Oh well, will try again tomorrow.

Yossi Klavan, one of the Israeli’s I work with tells me interesting things about the country. He claims 40 % of the people live below the poverty level. (His definition of that being the minimum amount you need to live in this country, or for a family of 4 about 30,000 dollars a year, my suspicion is that the way we define the concept, it would be closer to 20 %). The way the side step this is that it is very hard to bounce a check in this country. He claims that the banks generally float your checks with the assumption you will eventually make good on them. He is 4000-5000 sheqels, he is not sure how much, overdrawn and the bank is ok with it (that is 1300-1600 dollars). Everybody in the country apparently lives with a constant overdraw.

His house was cheap because he lives on the West Bank, sorta like building in the central district. So it only cost 125,000 dollars to build a 2600 square foot house complete with concrete reinforced walls, bomb shelter and gas proof rooms. Which reminds me, we saw an Israeli soldier hitchhiking today with his machine gun slung in front of him. We did not stop to pick him up.

4:43 PM

Well my grand plans for tomorrow are dashed. I have been appointed to go to Haifa to help with training, I am told it is a 2 hour drive. Also, the subject has been broached as to me staying for at least one additional week. I have made very loud noises about what a hardship this will be.

6:46 PM

The trip home was not as harrowing as previous. The catching of the shuttle is proving interesting. Intel provides shuttles, about 10 of them going all over Jerusalem. They leave on the hour and few, if any, of the drivers speak English. They come piling out of the little portable building that they are stationed in and you just look at them and saying ‘La Romme’ or whatever your hotel name is. One of them will guide you to your shuttle. It is quite amusing, the herds of people wandering about calling out their hotel name.

I noticed that Jerusalem has lots of cats running about and mentioned this out loud. I was told of an old ‘myth’/’tradition’ that says the souls of anyone who does not make it to heaven or hell comes back as a cat in Jerusalem and thus you should not mess with a cat since you don’t know who it might have been.

Unfortunately I did not see the following for myself but had it related to me by some of the people I am working with. Last night they were arriving back at an apartment that Intel had rented for some of its people to find a building nearby on fire. They called the fire department. When the fire engine arrive it contained 3 fire fighters with no (0) Zero protection gear on. They pull up and look at the fire through a barbwire fence, smoking cigarettes all the time. Finally instead of driving the truck around the fence and getting closer they threw the hose over the fence, which had the predictable effect of putting multiple punctures in the hose. There were people in the building who were shouting for help but the fire fighters had no gear with which to enter the building, no masks, no helmets, no nothing. The people we ‘saved’ by others from the building and the fire was put out, but nothing was saved. It had little chance of spreading anyway since the entire city is made of stone.

I got called by Steve, my Haifa trip is off and he is going instead. This is good as I was not looking forward to a 2 hour car trip. The weather has been just about perfect here. Sunny 70 degrees, cool and refreshing in the evening. Most people are still wearing jackets and complaining about the cold.


A lunch experience

Today was a work in the office day, so I headed down to the Pike Place Market to see what I could find for lunch.

There is  a new place, Pike’s Pit Bar-B-Que,  in the spot where the Korean barbecue Market Galbee used to be.

I was perusing the menu and an older gentleman, yes older than me, said hello and asked me how I was as he passed. I gave him my standard response of “I’m alive.” Which caused him to stop, turn around to verify that was what I said. Turned out he was the ‘owner’ in as much as someone running a fairly moderate sized publicly held corporation can be considered the  owner.

Turns out this is a new venture by Gerald R.”Gerry” Kingen, the guy who built up the Red Robin chain. He offered me a sample of either the chopped pork or the brisket. I chose the brisket which was good, not spectacular and they hot sauce, which was not really noticeably hot. We chatted for a just a bit  and I headed off to see what was doing. After a bit, I came back and ordered a chopped pork sandwich. At that point I found they had a ‘super’ hot sauce, which I went for.

Gerry and I chatted for a bit more, a very personable guy. I learned a bit about how he really got Red Robin to take off. My sandwich arrived. It was one that was not a hold in your hands kind, being a bit messy.

Over all it was pretty darned good. The pork could have been just a bit moister, but was more than acceptable. I had mentioned their use of the name “cold” slaw as opposed to “cole” slaw and got a sample of that. It was a vinegar based slaw that was good and not overly moist.

They are still getting the rhythm of the place down, but I will definitely go back.



Throwback Thursday – Still Getting Acclimated

Monday, February 27, 1995

6:04 AM

I got 6 or so hours sleep last night. Feel ok, but it is obviously going to take one or two more nights before I have this time difference thing down.

7:52 AM

Breakfast was again interesting, tried a little more of the items, lots of fish and veggies. The bagels are interesting and look almost homemade, none of the near perfection you find in most American bagels.

On the way to work I was struck by the fact that the entire city is built out of stone, no wood, I am told it is against the law. Many building look like they have been hit by machine gun fire. Probably have… Along the roads in the morning are lines of people, presumably Palestinians. They are looking for work. If you need someone to do a job just drive up and pick someone up.

1:38 PM

Things are not as hectic as yesterday. Fortunately. I am currently worrying that they might try and keep me an extra week. Several people have been told to expect 4 weeks not 3 already.

Lunch was not as good today. Had fake vegetarian prawns. I finished them but they were pretty bad.

10:57 PM

Started to crash at 5 pm today, still acclimatizing to the time difference. Got back to the hotel around 6:30pm and went straight to bed. Got about 3 hours of sleep, hopefully will get more sleep tonight. Tomorrow I hope to see if I can slip off early and maybe see a few sights. Will have to be sneaky about it.

Throwback Thursday – The First Day on Site

Sunday, February 26, 1995

3:24 AM

I am having trouble sleeping, of course, the 10 hour time difference giving me trouble, it is only 5:30 pm back home.

6:00 AM

Never have gotten back to sleep, might as well start getting ready.

6:20 AM

Interesting I did not notice it yesterday, but the faucets are labeled ‘backwards’ the red dot means cold water and the blue dot hot.

6:45 AM

It turns out that there is a complimentary breakfast. Lots of good and odd stuff. The syrup is so thick that it strings from the pancake to the plate. There is a breaded items with peas in it. Tuna salad and all manner of fish, feta cheese salad, a lot of fruit. Radishes, green onions and green, red, yellow bell peppers, all for breakfast.

11:14 PM

I had met up with a number of Intel folks, I was supposed to ride with one to the Intel site but apparently got ditched along with another fellow who was supposed to ride along. We end up trying for the 7:30 Intel shuttle, which does not arrive. So we get a taxi. Another tour of the city, more freeform driving… I am glad I did not get a car, it would be a challenge to not have an accident. It interests me that the fare is pre calculated. 20 Sheqels for all 4 of us, 6 or 7 dollars US for the ride.

We arrive and have to hunt up somebody to process me in as a contractor. Security here is pretty tight. The day is spent in a whirlwind of getting little done, running back and forth between buildings with people trying to impart all sorts of information way to fast. Very little is setup and ready to go. It does not help the guy I am working with/for is not on the ball. It takes explaining things to him 4 or 5 times before he understands it, he is Chinese and has the Chinese propensity for when you tell him something to say in response ‘Why?’. I have taken to giving him smart aleck answers in response to the question. Additionally when he is dealing with the Israeli’s it is truly spectacular, you get someone to whom English most definitely a second language talking to people for whom English is a second or third language. Leading to conversations about things like batteries. The Israeli opens up the unit and points in and asks if the battery is empty, Steve, the dude of Chinese extraction, looks at the battery she is pointing at and says no. Of course she is asking if it charged, which I finally come over and explain.

I get meal tickets for free lunches at the cafeteria. The food is interesting, many of the other Americans don’t like it, but I thought it was excellent.

I finally get out of the site around 7:00pm and yet another lesson in free form driving by the shuttle driver, who by the way speaks little if any English, fortunately he knows the hotel I am going to and gets me there, much more quickly than the ride there this morning. At the hotel I have dinner from the ‘dairy menu’, I believe I will stick with the ‘Meat menu’ for the most part. It is more interesting. If I have not mentioned it before, I should now the elevators are interesting in that they have a ‘0’ floor button not a ‘L’ lobby button and floors before 0 are -1 and -2.

Back in the room I work on post cards till overwhelmed by tiredness and sleep for an hour or so.

Throwback Thursday – Arrival

Saturday, February 25, 1995

Arrival in Israel

Coming in at night over Tel Aviv, I was reminded of my first time flying into Phoenix. From the air at 5:30 in the morning it was hard to tell the difference, except maybe Phoenix is a little better lit. Once down we were put on to shuttle busses to take us to the terminal, we were quickly and efficiently processed through immigration. Well mostly so, I seemed to have used my normal knack for picking the line with problem people in it. Thus it moved about half the pace of the other lines. I received a 3 month tourist visa without permission to work. I am not sure what that means in regards to my doing stuff at Intel, but I figured it was better not to ask. I changed some money, it turns out the exchange rate is not as good as I had been led to believe. I had been told 3 to 1 by the boss, turns out it is closer to 2.8 to 1 not much but it does make it hard to calculate in my head. Finally I collected my bag and found that customs was again go until you are stopped, I was not stopped so I went on out. I did my normal stop and look confused routine. This seems to work very well in attracting people willing to help you. I was quickly scooped up by a taxi/bus and on my way to Jerusalem. As we drove the sun came up and I got a nice look at the country side. I was impressed by how rocky the country side was and as far as vegetation goes it reminded me a lot of the eastern Washington part of the cascades. Of course in eastern Washington there are not discarded tanks, trucks and armored cars along the road nor are the little plaques and monuments everywhere. I got something of a tour of the city as the driver dropped off each of the group. Parts of this city are very old. I got to see a kid riding a donkey down the middle of the street. I was the last one dropped off. As soon as we let off the last two before me, this driver who had not said much until now became extremely chatty. We talked about computers, him being a computer illiterate and what he likes and dislikes about them. I arrive at the hotel it is warm and sunny and still early in the morning.

I pay the driver, the fee is 15 US$ or 35 Shekels, which is about $12.40. I pay in Shekels. In I go … and things turns sour. It turns out that the travel agency has screwed up and made my reservations for today. Why is that a screw up? Because it means they have no room for me and may not have one, I am told, until 6 or 7 pm. I am …. I am …. angry but too tired to do much more than curse. It is not the hotels fault, I quickly realize and railing at them is not going to help. They offer to arrange a tour to help kill some time, but I am too tired to care. I plant myself in the lobby and tell them I will wait. I am told they will try and get me a room by two, normal check in time, but they can’t guarantee anything. I say fine. I am tired very tired. During the time I get to observe a lot. Another person on the project, from San Jose, figures out I am me, how I do not know, he has never met me. He is not sure either but I just looked like I should be me. Not sure what that means but once again I am to tired to care. I explain what has happened. Steve tells me that he has been here since yesterday, but his luggage has not arrived yet. Fortunately he packed some extra stuff in his carry one bags. I think this is a good idea. He finally goes off and I sit. As I sit and watch I think on things. First it I wonder about the association between Jewish men and hats, I know the Yamaka has significance and suppose the variety of hats is the same for the other sects. But what is the significance of the style, like style hats tend to congregate with other like styles. Why do some wear the Yamaka and others fur covered and yet others bowlers and yet others styles I don’t know the name of. I have arrived on Saturday. Shabbat or Sabbath. Many things in town are closed and there are many observance things at the hotel that I do not fully understand. Such as all monetary transactions are done behind a portable wall and curtain. There is a Shabbat elevator. I have no idea why. There is a Japanese tour group in the hotel and I am surrounded by little old Japanese women. Finally they leave and I wait.

Around 9:15 or so I hit my lowest. I am so tired I begin to cry, I cannot help myself. I got up at 7 on Thursday and I have now been up for 36 or so hours with maybe 5 or so hours of unrestful cat naps. The staff is concerned and offer food and coffee and such. I take some bottled water as I very dehydrated, but I am to tired want much else. Afterwards I feel better, but very drained. It is10 ish and I decide to check my bags and move out of the main lobby to some more comfortable chairs. I am going to try and sleep. It takes 25 minutes for the bell boy to come get my bags. I move and I am able to nap just a bit. It is 11:30 and they call my name. They have come up with a room for me. I am grateful. I head of and do some minor things I wash up a bit I smell bad enough that I can smell myself. I turn on the air-conditioning and fall straight to sleep.

I wake up it is 4:00pm and I am dying, I am sweating and I have a headache. The air conditioning is pumping out heat. I get up and shut it off and open the window and get some pain killers. The fresh air and Advil help. I call Vicki to let her know I am alive. I try and hook up to CompuServe and my modem won’t make a connect. I will call them tomorrow and talk to them. It might actually be the modem itself. I might have to get one from somewhere, I will try again from Intel tomorrow. I decide I am hungry, I find out only the lounge is open. I get there and it takes forever to get served. I get some bottled water and a melon with fresh fruit. Service here is not with a smile, in fact service overall seems to be in what I would term the lower end of the scale.

I finish and head back to the room. While I was gone a fruit basket has appeared. Of the interesting things in it are dates and a star fruit. I eat some of this as well as left overs from my travel supplies. I watch some TV, CNN international is good. A little later I find Married with children sub-titled with Hebrew, an odd experience. I order room service for some bottled water and get a plate of candies as well. A little later I get bath robes and flowers. I don’t know if this is normal or not. I am still a little hungry so I go down to the cafe, I also decide to put my extra money, my check book and plane ticket home in the safe deposit box. I notice the sign behind the counter, the exchange rate is better here than at the airport and there is no fee. Live and learn. The difference including the fee works out to about 3 dollars. In the restaurant I have to choose between dairy and meat, kosher rules you know. I am not sure what this means but with a quick perusal of the menus I choose meat. I will get a better description later. I have some soup and salad. The Lamb soup is excellent. The oriental salad is ok, but ordinary. The wait staff is fascinated by my laptop, because of its small size. And the price floors them, at least half of what they would have to pay here.

I decide to try the local water, I have anti diarrheals in the room and figure if I am going to be here 3 weeks it would be prudent to get used to it. It has a slightly swampy taste. Not as bad as Orlando, about the same as San Jose. My headache is coming back so back to the room. I get the bill and the waiter did not charge me for my salad, he says it is a gift to me, it is his holiday. I thank him. I leave what I hope is a good tip, they don’t seem to total up bill around here and I have to do the conversions in my head.

Around 10 pm Steve calls. He is glad to find I have a room. As we talk there is a knock on his door, his luggage has arrived, and things are looking up for him to. He gives me info about Intel and who to call, with phone numbers and names, he is getting a ride to the site at 7:15. I am going to try and go with him. If I miss it then there is supposedly a7:30 shuttle bus and finally a taxi though neither of us know the address. I thank him profusely for the info. It is good to know someone here.

Throwback Thursday – London

In which I show that I did not really have a clue of any differences between English and British.

Friday, February 24, 1995
We were lucky, the flight arrived 30 minutes early. That 30 minutes was to prove useful. Getting off the plane I began to walk and walk and walk, the only other people were passengers, no help desk, no nothing.
I walked some more, it was a good 5 to 7 minutes of walking before I found someone to ask questions of. He confirmed my plan to go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 and check my bag there, while I went out and saw London, since that is where my connecting flight would leave from. For those of you unfamiliar with London’s Heathrow airport it is laid out thusly, Terminal 4 in one location and the other 3 terminals elsewhere. So I walked some more and found the shuttle bus to Terminal 1. Those first few minutes riding in the bus were truly exciting, getting used to being on the wrong side of the road.
At Terminal 1 I followed some signs here and some signs there and finally got to the immigration desk where I was informed I was doing a no-no, you are supposed to go through in the terminal where you arrived and never go through at one of the others. I am beginning to think to myself ‘oh shit’, but he doesn’t send me back and stamps me through.
Next comes finding the next location to go to. I find customs, and step in. I stop and wait for someone to tell me what to do next. All 3 tables are full with bags being inspected. One of the inspectors looks up and tells me to keep moving, I respond with a ‘to where? ‘ . ‘Keep going till someone tells you to stop.’ Ok, I do and no one does and I and into the English world as it were.
I changed some money and checked my bag in ‘Left Baggage.’ And I was off to the Underground or ‘the tube’ as it is also known. It turns out this is not a good day for tube riding. The service has been experiencing many difficulties. I wait for about half an hour to catch a train. It is fascinating how as the train approached it pushed a wall of air ahead of it. You can tell up to a minute before it actually gets there that it is arriving. This cool air is nice since you have been packed on to a boarding platform with too many people and secondarily to help cool the car when the doors open.
People packed on like sardines. I mostly tried to not fall down and saw a little of the English landscape as we went. I finally arrived at Holden station, and got off, and followed the crowd out. Signage is not a strong point in London. In fact once I got to the street it was a real problem. It to me about 10 minutes to figure out how the signed their streets. Once I did I wandered around trying to find the British Museum. I got to see lots of interesting English things. I was amused to see English motorcycle technique. Motorcyclists in London apparently ascribe to the ‘if it a space not already occupied, then it ok to drive there’ philosophy. I saw one fellow who finding his right turn only lane blocked by a parked vehicle and the left lane full of cars, drive up onto the sidewalk and around. Others whipped between lanes of traffic and next to curbs. After being lost for about 15 minutes I finally asked at a travel agency about the whereabouts of the British museum and discovered I was 2 blocks away.
The is big, very big and very hot and muggy. I was already exhausted from my flight so I did not pay it the attention it was due. I also learned that the punk look is not dead in London, variously hued hair and odd dress abounded.
I bought some postcards and stamps and found a place to have dinner (l5 30p) and work on postcards. I had Cod and chips, I got 1 piece of cod, of course it was 12 inches long and 3 and half inches wide at the end and really good. The trip back to the airport was even worse more problems had cut the trains to about 1/2 runs and this was during rush hour traffic. As I am sitting here exhausted by the day, I realize something. Once I get to Israel I have no way to contact anyone, no phone numbers, no names nothing. What fun.
I have finally realized that brits don’t know the words ‘excuse me’. If you are in the way they just push, or in my case try and push, you out of the way. On the other hand everyone I asked for help was very helpful and cheerful. It interesting the things you notice that tell you aren’t in Kansas anymore, or even Seattle. Aside from the way they drove, there were the police patrolling the Airport… With flak jackets and machine guns. And I saw a Dr. Who slot machine.
Back to the airport and several more hours of waiting.
To get to Tel Aviv you have an enormous amount of Security. I went through what I would consider a normal check point for airport security. Then had to wait 40 or so minutes till they announced the gate for our flight. Then more security at the gate, a check of a list to see if you were on the flight list checking against my passport, a thorough search of my carry-on bag, A pat down search and another check of my passport. And more waiting. And finally we board.

More and More Effort Required to Avoid Windows 10

While I did not see the forced count down timer, I did get the update notice on the updates screen. I hid the update.

Also, apparently about the same time it showed up, GWXUX.EXE started crashing on me every time I came back to the pc. I had previously uninstalled all the updates associated with the win 10 updater, but this appears to have been installed by a new update on 10/10.

Found out what update it was and uninstalled it. Lo and behold, there were 30 updates being hidden because of it.

At this point Windows 10 can only be considered Spyware and potentially Malware.

PC World Article On Force Windows Upgrades

If you run into issues, or just want to get ride of the annoying upgrade icon, check out this blog post.

How to remove “Get Windows 10” upgrade notification and GWX.exe process

Throwback Thursday

I keep telling myself I need to write stuff and post it here. And, I keep not doing it. So, lacking new content, I am jumping on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon and recycling old content.

Back in 1995 I worked for a small company called EagleSoft. We wrote warehouse management software and sold it to clients big and small. One of those clients was Intel.  Primarily I wrote software for handheld barcode scanners and barcode printers, with occasional forays into server code and client software.

I traveled quite a bit at that time, for Intel that generally meant to San Jose in California or Sunnyvale in Arizona. Our first full installation of software and hardware was at the CPU fabrication plant in Jerusalem. I ended up going twice.

I had never traveled internationally before so I kept a travel Journal that I emailed to a number of my friends every couple of days via Compu$erve. It was much faster than snail mail and it was apparently well received by the recipients, I found out later that they had been passed around both to people I knew and some I did not. At the time it felt strange to have hoards of people following ones admittedly routine trip details. Now it is the way of the world.

I plan to post one days update a week. For the most part they will be as I originally sent them, with a bit of copy editing for spelling or other weirdness. (At the time they were pretty much stream of consciousness and I did very little editing.)

Here is the first installment.

Thursday, February 23, 1995

Getting There

Could not sleep well, and got up much earlier than I would have liked. Goliath had slept with us on the bed for the first time in a long time, I wonder if he knew I was going away for awhile. Finished packing, though I kept thinking that I had forgotten something.

I got to the airport early to make sure that everything was taken care of. Had just a bit of a problem with check in, the person checking me in kept taking my passport into the back room. I was actually worried that there was a problem. Turned out to be a computer glitch. Finally got my ticket and it turned out I had an hour to kill before boarding time.

Got a pretty good seat behind the bulkhead, turned out that it had an extra fold down tray that we…we as in the other two persons in the row with me, used to place a lot of stuff. The plane is a 767, big, but not nearly as big as the DC 10 I was on once. Seats are pretty narrow for one my size.

The women next to me drank and drugged themselves to sleep. I am tired but not yet sleepy. I really would like to get to sleep, I want to do London and it will be 4 or 5 am my time when we arrive. and 2 or 3 in the afternoon when we leave.

An Amazon Comedy Of Errors

On 8/10 I preordered Avengers Age of Ultron.
I received it just after it was released.
A few days later I received a second copy.
On 10/9 I called Amazon to find out if they had charged for two copies. They had not.
They asked if I wanted to return it and I said yes, if it did not inconvenience me to do so.
They set up a return with next business day pick up… 10/12.
In the meantime I had ordered other items, which were to be delivered on … 10/12.
I must at this point note that the return instructions informed me that I must be present to win… er I mean “An adult must be present for the pickup.”
On 10/12 I got a notification that the package had been delivered. I popped upstairs to collect it up and it was nowhere to be found, but there was an ambiguous label indicating that the driver for the pickup had been there and I had missed him.
I got onto Amazon to register the missing package and got told to wait a day. I did and last night I filed the missing delivery notice and requested a replacement.
The pickup driver for the return did not show up for a second try.
This morning there was an email indicating that there had been an issue and to contact them.
I did so this afternoon and got an extremely bad phone connection. I suspect cheap VOIP to India. After much frustration with actually hearing the customer service representative I got the replacement order scheduled. I had started to ask about the return, but decided to call back instead to see if I could get a better connection.
As I hung up, I had a thought. Let’s see what UPS had to say about the pickup.
I went to and entered the tracking number and behold, the Blu-ray I held my hands was in Sparks, Nevada.

I think you can all see what I am guessing happened here. The one driver delivered my packages, a second driver showed up an hour later saw them, assumed they were the ones he wanted and took them without actually having me present.